Healing Our Nation

Through program content, the Art of Listening, and the power of consultation, program graduates overcome their racial prejudices and come to understand the need to work for change.For more than twenty five years, Healing Our Nation (HON) has been a catalyst for creating leadership to overcome racism.

We offer Train-the-Trainer programs which  develop and support local leadership. Our six levels of training take participants from understanding to strategic planning, personal healing to institutional change.

Basic Program–Level 1: Making Sense of Racism.

Advanced ProgramsLevel 2: Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism.

Flexible in format and cost, our programs can be experienced in a variety of ways.To learn how we can assist you or your organization, call Charles Young at 847-312-6911 or email him at cyoung@healingournation.com.

Tony Franklin, Associate Dean of Students, Knox College, IL                             
Healing Our Nation programs provided me with life-changing insights and understanding about my personal biases, prejudices, emotions and feelings as they relate to discrimination and racism . . . The curriculum empowers the non-dominant culture while creating an empathic and caring paradigm shift for the dominant culture. A delicate blend of audiovisuals, literature, facilitated exercises and discussion groups appeal to both auditory and visual learners.

Dee Common, Teacher, Rockford, IL School District
In my 29 years of teaching, I have attended various “diversity” trainings.  Nothing has ever gotten to the emotional core like “Healing Our Nation” courses. It is vital that we address these issues at this level.


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