Making Sense of Racism

Move beyond talking about racism to strengthening your capacity to work for substantive change.

  • Making Sense of Racism explains how people are conditioned to participate in racism.
  • It assists the reader in recognizing racism and interacting more effectively with people who don’t.

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This book is for anyone who is curious and wants to learn more, as well as for those who are already passionate about racial justice. This moving book hooked me in with stories that engaged my heart and mind. Rita Starr shows clearly how racial conditioning happens and how our personal healing is enhanced by challenging racism and standing up for justice. Amazon Customer

I really love the humanity in the book: there is no shame and no blame. Starr has so much compassion for everyone scarred in any way by racial injustice, whether as a person of color targeted by racism or as a person of European descent who was conditioned – often violently – to fear and dislike those with darker skin. All are welcome here. Amazon Customer

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Her newest book, Spiritual Principles for Overcoming Racism, will be available June, 2019.

Making Sense of Racism

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