Level 2: Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism©

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-interracial-global-cooperation-rice-image7809492As participants recognize how we have been conditioned to participate in racism, they need help to undo that conditioning. Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism offers support to continue on the path of overcoming racism. 

Web designer, Kalamazoo, MI I am able to express myself in meetings and conversations in a way that serves as an ally for my brothers and sisters without being offensive or militant, but creates an awareness of attitudes and actions that perpetuate oppression.

Facilitator, Dayton, Ohio This program took me deeper into my white privilege and though uncomfortable allowed me to grow in appreciation of how I can be an effective ally in dismantling institutional racism. Sometimes the hurt or ignorance is insurmountable but where there is openness this is a great program.


Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism is a twenty four-hour program. It can be experienced in:

  • six four-hour segments
  • three eight-hour days
  • long weekend

Number of participants: six to twenty-four people.

Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism is a perquisite for other advanced programs including Train-the Trainer for Making Sense of Racism.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: email usa@healingournation.com.