Healing Our Nation Programs:

 Introductory Course: My World without Racism©

 My World without Racism is a two-part, 8 hour program that takes the shame and blame out of this important educational process regarding racism by using left and right brain activities to achieve greater understanding and solutions.

Part One: Understand why we participate in racism as either the perpetrator or its targeted victim.

Part Two: Explore what it will take to eliminate racism and where we can contribute to the solution.

Level 1 Course: Making Sense of Racism©

When you give a man a fish, he will eat for a day. However, if you teach him to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. Healing Our Nation teaches us “how to fish” when it comes to overcoming prejudice and institutionalized discrimination such as racism.

Eliminating prejudice and discrimination requires a shift in the underlying emotional drives of the individual. This shift gives the individual “the rod and reel” (i.e., the tools) necessary for lasting personal and institutional change. Healing Our Nation programs:

  • Allow racism to become more visible and understandable
  • Enhance interpersonal communication and working relationships
  • Diminish discriminatory thoughts and behavior

 Level 2 Course: Strategic Planning for Institutional Change©

Once participants can now recognize prejudice and understand how some prejudices have become institutionalized, they still need support on how to work together to build a prejudice-free environment, starting with themselves and then working outward where they live, work, and pray.

Making Sense of Racism was designed to shift the underlying consciousness regarding prejudice and race–i.e., teach us “how to fish”.  Now it is time to fish—to begin transforming institutions.

Having studied racism as a model for understanding other forms of institutionalized prejudice, participants can now more easily recognize racism in its many forms and want to take personal action to address discrimination in their areas of influence. They are motivated to help their institutions support a diverse workforce and/or student population. During this process, participants identify how they personally can contribute to their organization’s success with achieving a diverse, productive workforce or student body. 

  • Enhances one’s ability to take effective, thoughtful action
  • Increases problem solving skills
  • Teaches a method to gather the thinking of large groups.


Level 3 Course: Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism©

Participants now understand how to fish and where to fish. Unfortunately, many are afraid of the water. Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism helps participants address their fears as they take thoughtful action to overcome racism where they live, work, and pray.

During Strategic Planning for Institutional Change, participants identified what it will take to overcome racism in their institution, community, or nation. They also determined where they personally could make the most impact. Using key principles for optimum learning, Building Partnerships to Overcome Racism explores the:

  • Power of ally building
  • Keys to overcoming fear
  • Methods for addressing racism using the three principles for optimum learning

 PREREQUISITE: Level 1 and 2

Level 4: Addressing Internalized Oppression©

The internalized oppression of racism has a long-term impact as do other forms of internalized oppression.  This course is for all people who want a deeper experience into their own internalized oppression and that of others.

  • Recognize ways in which our internalized oppression hurt us all and interferes with achieving our maximum human potential.
  • Builds trust with members of one’s own group as we acquire tools to overcome our limiting beliefs and behaviors.
  • Places special emphasis on the internalized oppression of racism and the less socially recognized oppression of male children which conditions them to foster oppression.

PREREQUISITE: Level 1, 2, and 3


Facilitator Training

Healing Our Nation offers facilitator training for individuals and organizations. This is an economical way to establish ongoing programs to serve the community and its institutions.

  • Features in-depth hands-on instructional techniques
  • Includes user-friendly facilitation manual and participant handouts
  • Uses multi-media presentations accessible to visual and auditory learners
  • Provides ongoing leadership training and support

 PREREQUISITE: Level 1, 2, 3 and 4

 Facilitator, Kalamazoo, MI:  I have taken training in a number of well-reputed national programs addressing racism. Healing Our Nation’s programs are by far the best. The programs are so well thought out and outlined; they flow even for first time facilitators. 

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