Level 3: Strategic Action to Overcome Racism©

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-multiethnic-group-people-holding-colourful-speech-bubbles-image41013713Through this course participants experience the value of their individual contribution and collective action to overcome racism.

Director of Diversity & Multicultural Education, St. Louis, MO What I appreciated about this Healing Our Nation course is how it unpacked the complexities of racism while equipping participants with actionable steps to “undo it.” As our group created our vision and then strategies for overcoming racism, I witnessed a renewed clarity and purpose in myself and the other participants. This program supported my personal goals and gave me new insights on how our nation must leverage the power of thinking strategically, actualizing individual initiative, and addressing the institutional barriers to producing our best solutions.

Teacher, Barrington, IL  I found the course on Strategic Planning invaluable in applying what I learned to overcome racism. The course helped me get clear not only on my long term goals but it also helped me figure out what my very first steps would be to reach my goals. I left feeling confident in taking those steps.


Thirty hour program can be delivered in:

  • eight four-hour segments
  • four eight-hour days
  • long weekend

Number of participants: six to twenty-four people.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: email usa@healingournation.com