What participants say about Healing Our Nation programs:

This is the first program that I have attended where I have not been blamed or shamed for what I did or did not do. I was shown how I was conditioned to participate in racism and what I need to do to overcome that conditioning.   Principal, Dover DE

The curriculum empowers the non-dominant culture while creating an empathic and caring paradigm shift for the dominant culture. A delicate blend of audiovisuals, literature, facilitated exercises and discussion groups appeal to both auditory and visual learners.   Associate Dean of Students, Knox College, IL

 What I found most effective was the way in which the material was delivered, specifically building concepts upon one another to prepare participants for the next significant “teachable moment.”   Division Manager, Lucent Technologies, Naperville, IL

For people to truly benefit, they must be motivated to explore what is in our culture and what is in their personal makeup and seek to make some connections as to how they have been shaped by all these variables. This is where Rita Starr’s expertise comes in and why her programs are so successful.   Teacher, St. Louis, MO

 The Healing Our Nation programs have been powerful instruments for change for me, both personally and professionally. They have given me a heightened awareness and a deeper understanding of the nature and effects of prejudice and discrimination in our country, in my community, in my school district, and in my classroom. They are simple, clear, direct, and personal in their impact.   Teacher, Rockford IL

 I highly recommend this program to any professional who is striving to eliminate racism within their facility. Completion of the program provides a background for understanding the complexities of racism and suggests corrective measures. It is an exciting, hands-on, not-to-be-forgotten set of activities designed to change avenues of thinking. This course is a must for those leaders who understand the strength of diversity and the height to which it can take us.  Administrator,  Public Library, Rockford, IL

I was most impressed with your approach and your mastery of the dynamics and subtleties of racial dialogue….it was clear that your method of combining large group discussions with intensive one-on-one listening and sharing has a powerful effect on people…. My impression about the transformative potential of your work was further strengthened when I reviewed your curriculum . . .The perspective it adopts is quite sophisticated, and at the same time very accessible. I would hope that everyone in the race dialogue field finds ways to so powerfully connect personal experience to efforts to foster institutional change.   The President’s Initiative on Race, Washington, DC

 These are programs that help people understand how racism has been perpetuated in our country. We’ve had to be conditioned to be part of this, so we can deconstruct this system if we know the various parts that go into it. The effective part of her work is that there’s no blaming and no shaming. We’ve all been victimized by this system and we all need to get out of it. The way to get out of it is learning about your own ethnic history and creating allies across ethnic lines so that you enlarge your sphere of community.   Executive Director of Pacem in Terris, DE

In my 29 years of teaching, I have attended various “diversity” trainings. Nothing has ever gotten to the emotional core like “Healing Our Nation” courses. It is vital that we address these issues at this level.    Teacher, Rockford, IL

Healing Our Nation Programs

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